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Rehearsals begin for The Rainmaker

We promise there's no dress code for rehearsals. But it does look like a memo went out:

Ken Trammell, Sean Clearly, Ben Jones, Fleur Alys Dobbins

Pictured left to right are Ken Trammell, Sean Cleary, Benjamin Jones and Fleur Alys Dobbins.

On the first day of full Curry Family rehearsal it became clear there was an unofficial dress code happening: PLAID. (Alright, and checks too.). Not pictured is director Peter Dobbins also in a small checked button down.

The Rainmaker is presented by Blackfriars Repertory & The Storm Theatre Company and opens at The Sheen Center on April 27th and runs for 4 weeks through May 20th. Tickets are available online at The Sheen Center.

In The Rainmaker, a charismatic stranger brings hope to a drought stricken town and a lonely spinster in this deeply romantic fable of love, longing, hope and fulfillment set in the American West of the 1930's.

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