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Now is a time to storm; why art thou still?

Titus Andronicus Act III, Sc ii

Storm Mission Statement


Storms are identified with disturbances of the natural atmosphere as well as the landscape of the soul. They can encompass explosions of an electrical and/or a passionate nature and have been represented as assaults, sometimes violent, upon fortified citadels or secret, internal retreats. 


In 2012, the New York Times named The Storm Theatre's entire season (The London Merchant by George Lillio, The President by Ferenc Molnar adapted by Morwyn Brebner and Marius by Marcel Pagnol) as one of the “12 most galvanizing offerings of the year.” Others so honored included, most notably, the revival of Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman with Philip Seymour Hoffman, and the premiere of Ayad Akhtar's Disgraced. The Storm Theatre was the only theatre company to have its entire season recognized and, among all the companies honored, it had - by far - the smallest production budget.


Since it was launched in 1997, the primary mission of The Storm Theatre, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit theatre company, is the joyous celebration of existence through the staging of inspired plays from a wide range of countries and epochs. It is through this juxtaposition that we strive to dazzle audiences with a mastery of each work’s unique theatrical style. 


The Storm Theatre examines the plays it presents for relevance to our present day and how they might speak to today's Off-Off Broadway audiences. The works are chosen to engage audiences through the dramatization of their characters' struggles to accept the greatest truth – in order to be fully human one must love boundlessly and indiscriminately, almost crazily. The Storm Theatre demonstrates the veracity of this truth by choosing plays from an array of lands and eras. Just as the Globe (Theatre) and The Rose (Theatre) portrayed the breadth and complexity of the lives Shakespeare uncovered on those stages, so The Storm (Theatre) was considered an apt choice to reflect the theatre experiences they hoped to project; a reawakening of Civilization’s greatest truths, its beauty, and its potential.


For over 18 seasons, The Storm Theatre has provided opportunities for actors, directors, designers and playwrights to practice their craft in a collaborative atmosphere. The Storm Theatre's repertory includes world premieres, established classics, and perhaps most importantly, forgotten theatrical treasures lovingly restored for today’s audiences. For an affordable price, the Company invites diverse youth and adult audiences to join in a celebration of life. Since its founding, The Storm Theatre has mounted over 50 productions introducing both new and rare works that otherwise might not be seen in New York. 


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Peter Dobbins, Producing Artistic Director

Peter is a cofounder of The Storm Theatre, and has directed such Storm productions as T.S. Eliot’s Murder in the Cathedral, Dion Boucicault’s The Shaughraun, John Regis’s Stavrogin’s Confession, Stewart Parker’s Spokesong, William Shakespeare’s As You Like It, The Tempest, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Twelfth Night, Karol Wojtyla’s The Jeweler’s Shop, Job, Jeremiah, and Our God’s Brother, the North American Premiere of House of Desires by Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, and the world premieres of The Last Starfighter by Skip Kennon and Fred Landau and Linnea by John Regis. As an actor, he has been seen as Alfred Evelyn in Edward Bulwar Lytton’s Money and Lolo in Pirandello’s Henry IV and has played leading roles in various regional theatres.

Fleur Alys Dobbins, Associate Artistic Director

Fleur Dobbins has been working for 30+ years in the entertainment industry as actress, director and writer. She has appeared on and off broadway as well as regionally in the US. Storm's productions include The Surprise (2015), The Fight & Deconstruction (2017) and The Rainmaker (2018).  In addition, Fleur is an experienced children's acting coach as well as a certified Early Childhood Music Specialist. She is a playwright, has studied Shakespeare at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and has a BFA in acting from Southern Methodist University. @fleuralysdobbins/

Sawyer Mastrandrea, Operations Manager

Sawyer has been involved with the Storm Theatre since 2009. As Operations Manager for Storm, he makes things happen. He has also served as House Manager, Box Office and Asst. Stage Manager when needed. Primarily an actor, The Storm production of The Time of Your Life was his first professional stage appearance. Since then he has been seen in multiple Storm productions, including As You Like It, Arrah-Na-Pogue, and The President to name a few. He recently played Dan in Robert Carroll's staged reading of The Believers for The Alchemy Theatre Company of Manhattan at the DR2. Training includes Peter Dobbins, Stephen Logan Day, Atlantic Theater School's 2.5 yr conservatory, and Caymichael Patten.

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Board of Directors

Peter Dobbins, President

Carl Pasbjerg

Jim Scully

Jeff Smith

Francis Barry

Jeanne Hegner

The Storm Theatre was founded in 1997 as a nonprofit theatre company and has 501C(3) status. Donations are 100% tax deductible.

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