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"Leaf Employs an Ingenious Conceit" in The Fight

"Playwright Jonathan Leaf’s prodigious research, accomplished dramatic construction and clever device of threading a mystery throughout the events make the play quite engrossing. There’s also the sociological angle as the characters eloquently state and defend their differing beliefs and agendas that include careerism versus motherhood."

"Leaf employs an ingenious conceit of Doris and Phyllis having been students at the same college at the same time, shown in the play’s several flashback sequences."

"Leaf has created two rich roles in the tradition of Peter Shaffer’s , with their battles being the centerpiece of the play Amadeus"

"Judith Hawking’s grand performance as Doris propels THE FIGHT. Using a strong accent that emphasizes the character’s Jewishness and brashness, Ms. Hawking gets every laugh possible, exhibits volcanic anger, as well as achieving poignancy. There’s also the palpable nurturing quality evident in Doris’ relationship with Caitlin. Hawking vividly conveys the sense of a capable leader being deposed for being unlikable."

Photo by Michael Abrams (Pictured Fleur Alys Dobbins and Judith Hawking)

"Fleur Alys Dobbins winningly portrays Phyllis with dry wit, sophistication and steeliness. Ms. Dobbins’ intense characterization is very wound up and believably transmits the sense of the quest of “having it all.” That’s strongly demonstrated when Dobbins flirtatiously rationalizes asking her tycoon boyfriend for millions of dollars to keep her magazine afloat."

The Fight runs through November 18th at Grand Hall (St. Mary's Parish); 440 Grand Street. Tickets available at

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