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Accepting Submissions for The Rainmaker

Blackfriars Repertory and The Storm Theatre Company are now accepting

submissions for The Rainmaker by N. Richard Nash. Please send Headshot and Resume here and see details below. Do not submit if you are unavailable for rehearsal dates.

The Rainmaker Poster

The Rainmaker by N. Richard Nash

Rehearsals: March 27 (Weekly evenings and Saturdays)

Performances: April 27th - May 20th

Performances at The Sheen Center (18 Bleecker Street, NYC)

Produced by Blackfriars Repertory and The Storm Theatre Company

Director: Peter Dobbins

Casting: Fleur Dobbins

Note: The roles of H.C and Lizzie have been cast.


Accepting Union and Non Union submissions

NOAH CURRY: 30s; Oldest brother; Self righteous; rigidly opinionated

JIMMY CURRY: 20s; Youngest brother but seems older til he opens his mouth, then he's a child

FILE: Late 30s-Early 40s; Deputy Sheriff; reticent, intelligent; his bitterness is leavened with mischievous humor

SHERIFF THOMAS: 30s-50s; Affable

BILL STARBUCK: 20s-30s; Loud braggart, gentle dreamer

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