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"Leaf's Play is a Gem!" Reviews are coming in for The Fight!

Here's what is being said about The Fight at The Storm Theatre Company:

Kyle Smith from National Review says:

"This is a vital play, one that goes on a dogged search into an obscure corner of our cultural history and comes back with abundant reasons to be skeptical about the official story of feminism." "Leaf’s concise play (at the off-off Broadway venue Grand Hall through November 18) doesn’t waste a moment as it shifts back and forth in time to build a picture of loathing between the two women as well as a certain ambiguity about what really happened." "The play was written before news broke last month of widespread sexual abuse, and an attendant conspiracy of silence, in Hollywood and the media, but the topical resonance is unmistakable. Leaf’s play is perfectly timed, expertly crafted drama that functions as an important cultural corrective."

Tim Teeman from The Daily Beast says:

Leaf skillfully parses the cultural differences between the women; Doris insists she is not anti-gay, when everything she says or does would imply that she is, while Phyllis’ silky sophistication hides its own ugliness and past pains.

Photo by Michael Abrams (Fleur Alys Dobbins and Matthew Provenza)

The acting company, which includes Matthew Provenza and Mark Quiles as the various men in the women’s lives, are all subtly excellent, and director Peter Dobbins makes the most of a very small space.

All three lead characters are out for their ends and to burnish their own accomplishments, and they all believe in what they believe in passionately. Leaf not only suggests that idealism and ambition can co-exist, but how one can energize and corrupt the other. This echoes resonantly, and literally, in the basement of St. Mary’s.

Christopher Atamian from ScenesMedia says:

"Leaf is a meticulous historian and a quick wit who has built a deserved reputation for writing some of the best historical dramas on the contemporary stage."

"The Fight is many things: clever, deft, intelligent and thought-provoking. Hawking is a natural as the brilliant, layered but aggressive and sometimes bullying Margolies. You almost feel as if Friedan herself were on stage."

"an elegant night out both intellectually and emotionally and well worth the trip downtown to hear as essential debate presented with humor and subtlety. Directed with brio by Peter Dobbins, Leaf’s play is a gem."

The fight runs through November 18th at Grand Hall (St. Mary's Parish); 440 Grand Street, NYC

Get tickets online at

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