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Meet "Divine Comedy" Cast Member Dinh James Doan

Dinh appears as two characters in The Storm Theatre and Blackfriars Repertory Theatre co-production "Divine Comedy." He plays Primo in "Saint Felix and His Potatoes," followed by Martinez, private secretary to the viceroy, in "The Coach of The Holy Sacrament."

Early in his career, Dinh found himself consistently cast as the bright-eyed young romantic lead.

Over time, he became more attracted to the anti-hero role, which presents him with the challenge of delving deeper into a character’s motives and teasing out a public-facing image that the audience can empathize with.

"I like playing the characters in "Divine Comedy," because they have hidden motives and are very complex," said Dinh.

Dinh attended college at UC Berkley, where he was able to form his own theatre company.

“I got to be more than just a hired actor," he explains. "I got to collaborate with others through our mutual love of language and storytelling.”

Since his move to New York City, Dinh has performed with the Storm Theatre on numerous productions, including "A Midsummer Night’s Dream" and "As You Like It".

He has also performed in off-Broadway Pan Asian Repertory productions of "Film Chinois," written by Damon Chua and directed by Kaipo Schwab; "Dojoji: The Man Inside The Bell," written by Ernest Abuba and directed Tisa Chang; and "Trial By Water" written by young talent Qui Nguyen. His regional credits include performing with the Inwood Shakespeare Festival and the Carolinian Shakespeare Festival.

Dinh has appeared in the television series "Madam Secretary" and "One Life to Live."

See Dinh perform in “Divine Comedy” running Sept. 30 through Oct. 22, at Grand Hall. Tickets can be purchased at

*Special Event: Saturday, Oct. 1, join the Storm Theatre family for a post-show party with complimentary drinks for only $18. For details, click here.

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