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Most Recent Productions:

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, by William Shakespeare

May 30 through June 14, 2014

Set in Morningside Heights, only Storm Theatre can assemble this ensemble of Storm actors to celebrate the neighborhood we have come to know and love. This is a Midsummer like you've never seen!

Anne-Marie Agbodji
Geoffrey Barnes*
Laura Bozzone*
Robert Carroll
Charles Casano
John Dewey*
James Henry Doan*
Meaghan Bloom Fluitt
Cheri Paige Fogleman
Noreen Hughes
Darby Hannon
Benjamin Jones*
Sawyer Mastrandrea
Ted McGuinness*
Grace Morales
Jose Sanchez*
Sarah Schenkkan*
John Trujillo
Josh Vasquez and
Jessica Zinder*

*Appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association

The Storm Theatre and Blackfriars Repertory Theatre present:

Our God’s Brother

by Karol Wojtyła, translated by Bolesław Taborski

Directed by Peter Dobbins

April 4 - May 3, 2014

An aristocrat turned revolutionary escapes from the Czarist authorities and finds his calling as a critically acclaimed painter. But he cannot ignore what everyone around him fails to see. He yearns to reach a higher calling only to be soundly rejected. Rebellion is brewing, but his far greater challenge is the struggle within himself.

Karol Wojtyła was a young seminarian in Poland who, at 21, during WWII, became a co-founder of the underground Rhapsodic Theatre. His play, The Jeweler's Shop was made into a film with Burt Lancaster in 1989. In 1978, Wojtyła was elected Pope John Paul II and is due to be canonized this April 27th.

Erin Beirnard*
Matthew Lieff Christian*
Joe Danbusky*
Susie Duecker
George Goss
Joseph McGranaghan*
Sawyer Mastrandrea
Cliff Miller
Maury Miller*
Jed Peterson*

Lighting Design: MICHAEL ABRAMS
Production Stage Manager: CHARLES CASANO
General Manager: WENDY PATTON
Dir. of Development: ROBERT CARROLL
Operations Manager: SAWYER MASTRANDREA
Managing Producer: CATHERINE KOLPAK
Artistic Director: PETER DOBBINS
Assoc. Artistic Director: STEPHEN LOGAN DAY
General Press Representative: PETE SANDERS

* Appears courtesy of Actors' Equity Association.

NY Daily News 'Thoughtful... snaps instantly into focus. Kennedy brings a muscularity that belies her physical delicacy.' THREE STARS

'This production is a real opportunity!' 'Kick Kennedy has true stage presence... everybody's eyes are on her... she nails the nominal role' Theatre Scene

'Timeless... solid... Kennedy is... defiant yet painfully vulnerable and frail' Manhattan Digest

The Storm Theatre and Blackfriars Repertory Theatre present:



by Jean Anouilh adapted by Louis Galantière

Directed by Peter Dobbins

Jan. 10 - Feb. 15, 2014

A religious rite denied for the "good of the State" prompts a spirited young woman to an act of defiance. This act and its consequences are the core of Jean Anouilh's brilliant modern retelling of Sophocles' Ancient Greek tragedy ANTIGONE. This classic, translated by Louis Galantière , explores the conflicts between the individual vs. the state, idealism vs. pragmatism, but ultimately its greatness lies in its exploration of the human soul and its greatest desires. Now, as then, we live in a world ruled by "pragmatic" decisions that oppose the yearnings of the human heart, as such, The Storm Theatre and Blackfriars Repertory Theatre believes this is a perfect time to revive this timeless masterpiece.

Annemarie Agbodji, Inga Ballard*, Robert Carroll, Michael Early*, George Goss, Alexis Kelley, Kick Kennedy, Jeff Kline, Kimberly Larkin, Anthony Russo and Jose Sanchez*

Artistic Director: Peter Dobbins
Associate Artistic Director: Stephen Logan Day
Production Stage Manager: Charles Casano // Stage Manager: Mary Linehan
Set Design: Czerton Lim // Technical Director: Josh Iacovelli
Costume Design: Courtney Irizarry
Lighting Design: Michael Abrams
Sound Design: Alex Santullo
General Manager: Wendy Patten
Director of Development: Robert Carroll
Operations Manager: Sawyer Mastrandrea
Casting by: Stephanie Klapper General Press Representative: Pete Sanders
*Appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Association


The Play's The Thing:

Reviews for The Play's The Thing! (click here)

'The Storm Theatre offers a well-acted and well-directed production that is highly polished and enjoyable, which makes this Play quite the thing indeed.' 'Engaging and entertaining... great comic chemistry!' - CurtainUp

The Play's The Thing

The Storm Theatre is proud to announce the first show of the Ferenc Molnár Project:


In a castle on the Italian Riviera, illicit romantic protestations are heard through its walls leaving a sensitive young composer facing devastation and heartbreak, and the celebrated writing team of Mansky and Turai facing humiliation and financial ruin.

Only Sandor Turai remains calm and cool in finding a solution when he realizes "the play's the thing..."

NY TIMES critic Vincent Canby once stated "...when it's performed by the right company, it can be as much dreamy fun as a fireworks show: a gorgeous if ephemeral display of the way in which civilized behavior can briefly triumph over life's usual chaos"

The Storm Theatre pledges to be that "right" company and is very proud to present this 1926 comedy classic as part of our celebration of Ferenc Molnár's great legacy to world theatre.

Andy Allis*, Spencer Aste*, Joe Danbusky*, James Henry Doan*, George Goss, Alexis Kelly, Jeff Kline and Brian Linden*

* Appears courtesy of Actors' Equity Association.

Peter Dobbins - Director
Stephen Logan Day - Assistant Director
Charles Casano - Production Stage Manager
Josh Iacovelli - Scenic Design
Molly Mastrandrea - Costume Design
Michael Abrams - Lighting Design
Marisa J. Barnes - Sound Design




In the spring of 2011, the Storm Theatre produced the New York Premiere of Morwyn Brebner's adaptation of Ferenc Molnár's THE PRESIDENT (reviews of which are available here). We are now pleased to announce a new festival of three plays from the celebrated playwright.

The Hungarian-born Molnár, in his life, was one of the world's most popular playwrights, beloved all over Europe and in the U.S. Although his name has largely been forgotten, his work's delightful combination of wit, warmth and wisdom has had a lasting impact upon both theatre and film.

During the next two seasons, the Storm Theatre will stage three Molnár plays as a part of of THE FERENC MOLNÁR PROJECT.

The first, THE PLAY'S THE THING, will begin performances on September 20th.

Next on tap will be THE GOOD FAIRY.

The third and final production will be announced shortly.

The Storm Theatre is delighted to bring about the new examination of this great playwright's work.




How does one become who one was meant to be?

Le Cid

a play by Pierre Corneille
translated into English verse by Richard Wilbur

directed by Peter Dobbins

January 4th through February 9th, 2013
Thursdays through Saturdays at 7:30 p.m.
Special Monday performance Jan. 7 at 7:30 p.m.
Saturday Matinees at 2:00 p.m. Jan. 19, 26 and Feb. 2
Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. Jan. 30 and Feb. 6

Morningside Drive between 114th & 115th Streets at The Church of Notre Dame (405 West 114th)

In Le Cid, the 17th century classic, Don Rodrique transforms himself from young lover to great warrior, through his steadfast devotion to honor above all else. His actions both repel and attract his beloved Chimene who responds in-kind with a vow to destroy what she loves most.

What ensues is one of history's strangest and most compelling love stories as well as one of the greatest dramatic works about the difficulty in becoming who you truly are.

Featuring: Spencer Aste*, Brian J Coffey*, Dinh Q. Doan*, Meaghan Bloom Fluitt, Cheri Paige Fogleman, Benjamin Jones, Jeff Kline, Jessica Levesque, John Puello, George Taylor*, Jessica Zinder*

* Appears courtesy of Actors' Equity Association.

Peter Dobbins - Director, Artistic Director
Stephen Logan Day - Assistant Director, Associate Artistic Director
Robert Carroll - Development Director
Courtney Irizarry - Costume Design
Michael Abrams - Lighting Design
Kenneth Goodwin - Sound Design
Josh Iacovelli - Scenic Design
Wendy Patten - General Manager
Charles Casano - Production Stage Manager

"When you followed your dream, what did you leave behind?"

The Storm Theatre
in association with Sase Sham


a play by Marcel Pagnol
translated and adapted from the French by Zack Rogow

directed by Peter Dobbins

September 7th thru October 13th, 2012
Opens Friday, Sept. 7th at 7:30 p.m.
Thursdays through Saturdays at 7:30 p.m.
Special Monday performance Sept. 10 at 7:30 p.m.
Saturday Matinees at 2:00 p.m. Sept. 22, 29, Oct. 6, 13th
Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 3 & 10

Morningside Drive between 114th & 115th Streets at The Church of Notre Dame (405 West 114th)

The Storm Theatre is proud to present the New York Premiere of MARIUS by Marcel Pagnol, translated from the French and adapted by Zack Rogow!

Eighteen year old Fanny, the most beautiful girl in Marseille, loves the handsome twenty-two year-old Marius who daydreams away while working at his father's Bar de la Marine. He secretly returns Fanny's ardour, but resists her advances, yearning to go Elsewhere, to a life at sea full of adventure. However, fifty year-old Panisse, a recent widower and wealthy sailmaker, has proposed to the young Fanny. She wants Marius, but if Marius does not want her, she will give up romance and marry for security. With Panisse she'd have a maid and 100,000 francs! The ball is in Marius's court...

What ensues is one of the great romances of the past century bursting with passion, warmth, humor, all the yearning and passion of youth and the wisdom of age.

Marcel Pagnol was one of the leading French dramatists of the last 100 years. Of the many plays he wrote, MARIUS is considered his masterpiece. The play is the cornerstone of Pagnol's Marseille trilogy. MARIUS has been adapted as a movie several times, most recently by the great French actor Daniel Auteuil, in a soon-to-be-released remake.

MARIUS features: Gerard Adimando*, David Bodenschatz, Gabe Bettio*, Laura Bozzone*, Ross DeGraw*, Benjamin Jones, Diánna Martin, Sawyer Mastrandrea, Anthony Russo*, Jose Sanchez*

* Appears courtesy of Actors' Equity Association.

Peter Dobbins - Director, Artistic Director
Stephen Logan Day - Assistant Director, Associate Artistic Director
Sase Sham - Producer
Chance Michaels - Producing Director
Robert Carroll - Development Director
Courtney Irizarry - Costume Design
Michael Abrams - Lighting Design
Kenneth Goodwin - Sound Design
Josh Iacovelli - Scenic Design
Wendy Patten - General Manager
Charles Casano - Production Stage Manager
Sawyer Mastrandrea - House Manager

The President

by Ferenc Molnár
adapted by Morwyn Brebner

directed by Peter Dobbins

The Storm Theatre is proud to present the New York Premiere of THE PRESIDENT, by Ferenc Molnár, adapted by Morwyn Brebner!

In this fast-paced comedy, the clock starts ticking for a powerful bank president when the young heiress under his care announces her secret marriage to an impoverished Communist taxi driver. Faced with the imminent return of her parents (and the ensuing social disaster) what is a Chief Executive to do? Simply transform this unsuitable suitor into a perfectly well-bred, well-dressed, well-spoken capitalist son-in-law — all in under an hour!

Morwyn Brebner's adaptation of THE PRESIDENT made its World Premiere at the Shaw Festival in 2008, where it was hailed as
" by the Toronto Star and
The Globe and Mail. The Niagara Falls Review called it a "comic marathon performed at a breakneck pace with brilliant timing."

THE PRESIDENT features: Spencer Aste*, David Bodenschatz, Brian J. Carter*, Laura Michelle Cleary, Brian J. Coffey*, Gregory Couba*, Ashton Crosby, Joe Danbusky*, Meaghan Bloom Fluitt, Cheri Paige Fogleman, Robert Ierardi*, Benjamin Jones, Hugh Brandon Kelly, Jessica Levesque, Sawyer Mastrandrea, Ted McGuinness, Yukiko Miyawaki, Becca Pesce*, Edward Prostak*, Josh Vasquez*, Matthew Waterson*

* Appears courtesy of Actors' Equity Association.

Peter Dobbins - Director, Artistic Director
Stephen Logan Day - Assistant Director, Associate Artistic Director
Meagan Miller-McKeever - Costume Design
Michael Abrams - Lighting Design
Amy Altadonna - Sound Design
Ken Larson - Set Design
Charles Casano - Production Stage Manager
Sawyer Mastrandrea - House Manager
Chance Michaels - Producing Director
Robert Carroll - Development Director

The New York Times called our last production, THE LONDON MERCHANT, "Excellent! First-rate theater!" Don't miss this hysterical new play!

"Excellent!" "An exciting new work... first-rate theater!"

The London Merchant


The History of George Barnwell

First performed in 1731, George Lillo's THE LONDON MERCHANT tells the story of a young apprentice led astray by a courtesan.

It marked an exceptional departure for Lillo and created a new genre of theatre which concentrated on the struggles of the working classes. Prior to this, the theatre of the period had predominantly focused on stories relating to the upper classes, biblical or classical themes.

The new ‘bourgeois drama’ became popular across Europe, and gave Lillo a notable place in dramatic history.


Spencer Aste*
Joe Danbusky*
Michelle Kafel
Jessica Myhr*
Megan Stern*
Patrick Woodall*
Harlan Work*

Producer: Fr. Peter John Cameron, O.P.
Director/Artistic Director: Peter Dobbins
Assistant Director: Stephen Logan Day
Producing Director: Chance Michaels
Managing Producer: Catherine Kolpak
Director of Development: Robert Carroll
Production Stage Manager: Charles Casano
House Manager: Sawyer Mastrandrea
Scenic Designer: Ken Larson
Costume Designer: Mario Kousoulos
Lighting Designer: Michael Abrams
Sound Designer: David Thomas
General Press Representative: Pete Sanders

The Storm Theatre is proud to produce the North American premiere of this groundbreaking play.

* Appears courtesy of Actors' Equity Association.

Thanks to everyone who attended

The First Annual Storm Theatre Fundraising Bash!

We had a fantastic time, and raised a great deal of money for the Storm's upcoming season!

If you missed it, join the Storm Group on Facebook to be informed of upcoming events: http://www.facebook.com/groups/22260950221/

March 4th through April 2nd, 2011

"A joyous, adventurous, romantic Irish comedy-drama: Damon and Pythias, Robin Hood, Casablanca and King Arthur, all rolled into one!"

by Dion Boucicault
directed by Peter Dobbins

The Storm Theatre is honored to present Dion Boucicault's classic Irish tale of romance and misadventure Arrah na Pogue ("Arrah of the Kiss").

Set in 1798, the classic Irish comedy is written by Dion Boucicault who uses the famed Rebellion as a backdrop for his tale of love, faith, loyalty and betrayal — with a smile.

October 29th through November 20th, 2010

by Paul Claudel
directed by Peter Dobbins and Stephen Day

Design by Michelle Malavet                                  

Produced by the Storm Theatre, in association with
Blackfriars Repertory Theatre

Featuring Brian J. Carter*, Kate Chamuris*, Peter Dobbins*, Chris Kipiniak*

* Appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association

Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 pm.
Additional performances Saturday 10/30 at 2pm, Monday 11/1 at 7:30 pm and Thursday 11/4 at 7:30 pm.

On a ship bound for Hong Kong, a lonely civil servant meets a beautiful vivacious married woman. Seduction and an ensuing torrid affair lead to surprising consequences.

What at first seems a classic example of "Amor Fou" ( a French term literally translated as "crazy love"), unfolds in a very unexpected way.

NOON DIVIDE was a play Claudel felt he had "written in his own blood". Using his own adulterous affair with Rosalie Vetch as his inspiration, Claudel explores human sexual passion, and its role within the architecture of Salvation.

This apparent tragedy of doomed love eventually reveals itself as a Divine comedy, much along the lines of his vast epic THE SATIN SLIPPER (which was also inspired by the same events in Claudel's life)

NOON DIVIDE is being presented in the Storm Theatre's new home at

The Church of Notre Dame

405 West 114th Street (at the corner of Morningside Drive)
two blocks from Columbia University. Click here for directions.

NOON DIVIDE is the third and final chapter of our ongoing festival:


Celebrating the life and work of the world-renowned playwright, poet and diplomat.

"THE PAUL CLAUDEL PROJECT is an introduction to the work of one of the 20th century's greatest geniuses. In the three plays that we will present, Claudel explores the natures, differences and interactions of human and divine love, and how the resulting conflicts serve a greater plan. These three plays each tell stories of divine grace and adulterous passion in completely different styles and settings."

- Peter Dobbins, artistic director of The Storm Theatre

The Project is comprised of three productions:

Part One,
THE TIDINGS BROUGHT TO MARY, ran March 13th - April 4th, 2009.
Part Two, THE SATIN SLIPPER, ran January 8th through February 6th, 2010.

If you didn't see the first two productions, here's what you missed:

(The Tidings Brought to Mary is) "an elegant and thought-provoking production"  . . .  "expertly performed by Erin Beirnard and Laura Bozzone" . . . "Ross DeGraw is a commanding stage presence" . . . "Jenny D. Green gives a touching performance" . . . 
"It is a meaty work, smartly produced and acted."
"A lofty, inventively staged production, featuring excellent performances. It admirably underscores the depth and power of Claudel's fascinating work."  . . .  "The Satin Slipper (is distinguished) from just about any contemporary drama that I can think of. I am grateful to the folks at the Storm and Blackfriars Repertory Theatres for giving us a chance to witness it first-hand."
"the cast (is) excellent, and the staging helps them create a genuinely engrossing reality. This is an excellent dramatic achievement, about the joy that lives within and beyond tears."

Click here for more reviews!

Don't miss the final production in THE PAUL CLAUDEL PROJECT, coming to the Storm Theatre in October!


The Storm Theatre is proud to congratulate board member Carl Pasbjerg, general manager of Broadway's MEMPHIS, on his show's four 2010 Tony Awards, including Best Musical!


The Storm Theatre has been chosen by nytheatre.com as one of its "People of the Year" for 2007!

nytheatre.com had this to say about the Storm:

"Helmed by artistic director Peter Dobbins, the Storm distinguished itself this year with a fine new play (John Regis's Linnea) plus the unprecedented and invaluable festival of plays by Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II). The latter event gave New Yorkers an opportunity to see four seldom-produced plays, including the fascinating The Jeweler's Shop."

More information about this award may be found on the nytheatre.com website.

LINNEA has been published in The New York Theatre Experience's collection PLAYS AND PLAYWRIGHTS 2008!

"Plays and Playwrights 2008" is an anthology of 10 plays by emerging playwrights, produced in NYC during the 2006-07 theatre season. Among them is LINNEA, originally produced by the Storm Theatre! (click here for reviews and more information)

In LINNEA, a young writer who is obsessed by Dostoyevsky lives out his own New York City dream version of "The Idiot" in this remarkable coming-of-age tale.

Author John Regis is an actor, a director, a teacher, and a playwright. He was born in Marblehead, MA on July 4, 1958, and raised in both Peabody, MA and Hampton, NH. He received a B.A. in Communications from Fordham University, and studied with Stella Adler and Mario Sileti at the Stella Adler Conservatory. John teaches drama and videomaking at the Bank Street School.

Congratulations, John!

You can buy the book from Amazon.com here.


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