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Interview on The Rainmaker with Director, Peter Dobbins

May 7, 2018

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Interview on The Rainmaker with Director, Peter Dobbins

Read an interview in Call me Adam with director and Artistic Director, Peter Dobbins. Learn about the play, Dobbins' approach to directing and more! 


***The original article can be found on the Call Me Adam website.***


Last year I saw the Peter Dobbins directed show Death Comes For The War Poets. I was so impressed with his directing that I was very excited for this opportunity to interview Peter about directing The Rainmaker, which is being co-produced by Blackfriars Repertory Theatre & The Storm Theatre (which Peter is a co-founding member & Producing Artistic Director).


The Rainmaker is the story of a charismatic stranger who arrives in town on a hot summer day, bringing hope to a drought-stricken town as well as a lonely spinster in this deeply romantic fable of love, longing, hope, faith, and fulfillment set in the American West of the 1920s.


The Rainmaker will play at The Sheen Center in Black Box Theater (18 Bleecker Street) through May 20. Click here for tickets!



1. Who or what inspired you to become a director? I really never aspired to be a director. I was an actor. It began as almost an experiment. “Hmm what would happen if while directing a show, I directed actors the way I would want to be directed?” It just snowballed from there.


 Ken Trammell, Matt Provenza and Sean Cleary in "The Rainmaker"


2. This May you are directing The Rainmaker, a co-production between Blackfriars Repertory Theatre and The Storm Theatre Company (which you are a co-founding member of). How did you decide to revive this play? Father Peter John Cameron, the Artistic Director of Blackfriars, had suggested I read the play several years ago. I was not very interested in doing so as I had seen the movie and had thought that had been pretty much a definitive treatment. It was fine but not for me. But I was blown away when I actually first read it and again when I did several readings with actors over the past years to hear the play out loud.

3. Before we get into The Rainmaker, let's talk briefly about The Storm Theatre. What made you want to start your own theatre company? When I moved to New York in the early 1990’s I did not find New York Theatre particularly inspiring. It pretty much seemed that the American Theatre had become a “directors theatre” and, unfortunately, most of the directors couldn’t direct. As an actor, the new work did not really speak to me and the re-staging of classics (that I could afford to see) were usually maddening in their gimmickry. I thought, “what the heck, I think I can do this as well or better than what I’m seeing. Why not try working on things that actually move and interest me as opposed to trying to squeeze myself into something that would not."


4. What do you get from running a theatre company that you don't get from directing? Nothing that I particularly like, other than being able to choose the projects and the people I work with, which is, of course, everything to me. It’s hard work that, I guess, forces me to behave like a grown up. So it’s good for me even if I don’t particularly love it.